Thrips in my grow room

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Pests can and will infiltrate any place they can for food. Using Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap will eliminate thrips and prevent them from sapping your plants’ vitality. . Don’t let Thrips infiltrate your grow room. Every time it’s one less eating up your plant and laying eggs. thanks Control of micro pests (thrips and spider mites) How Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) are suited to grow room applications; This white paper explores the unique challenges of the Grow Room industry and provides guidelines for selecting the right HVAC equipment. I am moving to a new growspace soon and i want go leave the pests behind so i don’t continue fighting the dame battle in the new grow room. I gotta say unitedgrooves ive had thrips a few time and never notice any difference when i lowerd or raise the temps or humidity seem to me what ever a persons enviroment if thrips get in there gonna stay in, just what ive noticed in my grow room not have a go or anything just my imput How to get rid of Thrips in your grow room. How to decide on the correct fan for your grow room Here is some motivational wall art to print for your family room, kitchen, office or playroom. Many types of thrips feed on plant leaves by puncturing the leaf and sucking out the juice, thus causing damage to the plant. Not only spotting pests and diseases, but then identifying and killing them can be the bane of every indoor gardeners life, luckily, the current issue of HydroMag (May-July 2015) features an in-depth article on what to look for, and how to tackle the problem, now read on for advice on how to identify and eradicate common pest and disease problems from your grow room Your cannabis grow room may not strike you as having such noble ends, if you want your product to thrive and payoff in many ways, you need to know how to get rid of ants and other insects in your grow room. Fix your sick plants. Adults don’t eat any pests, but they come pregnant and ready to lay eggs, which hatch into larvae and begin to eat your aphids, mites Calculating your lights depends entirely on one section of your grow room– the Canopy. Sanitizing Your Garden. Good advice is to avoid infestations: keep your grow room clean and examine any plants that you bring in to it. In addition to thrips, cannabis growers need to look out for spider mites, fungus gnats, whitefly, and aphids—all of which cause considerable more damage than thrips. Don’t forget to place sticky yellow traps around your grow room to helps capture the flies and identify the problem early. Neem oil also works to control thrips. g. writes. You may want to spray your Lawn with Monterey Garden Spray to control your Thrip problem during season if you keep getting re-infestations. By following these steps and a high-quality pesticide, thrips will have a very hard time developing into anything more than a minor issue in your grow room. 9 Oct 2017 whether the plants are grown indoors or outdoors, and where the greenhouse cultivation (e. If you want to know ore about this pest and how to treat your plants to get rid of it, read this post! i had thrips in my room some time. You may want to use a spray bottle or mister. While it is tempting to blast your room full of powerful lights, you need to be wary because too much lighting causes the temperature in your grow room to soar. And highly improved my grow room entry/exit procedures. In short, your canopy is the area where your plants grow, and the grow room is everything around them. Thrips, very tiny insects that love to suck the life out of your marijuana plants, are every have less to worry about than those who grow in greenhouses or indoor grow rooms. Theses insects are just as famous as root aphids when it comes to causing a disturbance in the middle of a grow. At least, as much as you can. My plants are in veg and I would  27 Jul 2017 Keeping insects and other pests out is the most critical first step in an effective but are useless at stopping smaller pests such as thrips and spider mites. When thrips first get into your grow room, a female will tear slits in the leaves, and lay an egg into it. I vacuum clean my plants on a regular basis and feel like a total idiot doing but but hey, i wanna get rid of these highly annoying creatures. com For indoor growers, lighting is all-important. i also used dietrametheuse earth in the soil but there gone now here is the battle field. How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Grow Room. A 2×2 foot area can hypothetically hold 16 plants, but you will be unable to maneuver between them, or store other supplies in the same space. Here is a quick guide to spotting thrips, and a few ideas for preventing and controlling an infestation. Many species feed within the plant buds or curled leaves, so they can be very difficult to detect. Proper caution should however be practiced to ensure nothing but the best comes out of the whole Hydroponic setup. If you have only just started flowering you could spray the actual plants with some product designed for thrips etc. Remember, spider mites like hot and dry conditions. I find that Lady Bug larva’s are the most elegant way to get rid of Thrips. Types of Insect Sprays and Chemicals. I feel as if this invasion is going to triple in the remaining three weeks. Something about lady buds I’ve always enjoyed, so giving them something to thrive is pretty cool. So, before you get started on any kind of countermeasure against a colony, try bringing down the temperature in your grow room (if possible, bring them down past 20ºC or 68ºF but be careful not to damage your plants). Controlling humidity and temperature levels in grow rooms can be difficult for beginning marijuana growers who may lack the equipment to control their environment, so selecting a proper location for you grow room is important to ensure you can keep a temperature Grow tip: if you visit your grow room in the period of darkness, fit a green light bulb as the green light spectrum is not visable to the plant and will not cause the plant stress. Save 50% on select product(s) with promo code 509VQI85 on Amazon. Give growing oregano 6-12 inches between plants and 12-18 inches between rows, depending on the variety. I grow about 300 African Violets in a specially constructed addition to the home. 2nd Grow LED - My 1st ever grow - LSD Failure to Success - - How to photograph under LED - - How to make a grow journal - - How to add a link to your signature - How long left have you got to go? If not very long I would consider leaving it, then when the grow room is empty, fumigating the grow room with a smoke bomb device and general other cleaning. Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats, and Root Aphids: How to Deal With 3 Common Cannabis Pests. Removing other plants and/or weeds (especially outdoors) is also useful, since they could be used by thrips to propagate and infect our plants later on. Let's begin with a short science lesson: humidity is the water vapor found in the air. trays immediately inside the doors of the greenhouse or grow room. Alot Blue adhesive strips can also be hung around the grow room to control thrips. Grow room Indoor, growing in Hydroponics. T For a natural remedy to Spider Mites, the Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection  Prevention: In a greenhouse or large grow room, you can release parasitic wasps , Flowers (including unfertilized buds) are the prime targets for thrips; the  Thrips are tiny winged insects. they seem to live in my carpets and curtains and any place where moisture is found. am not growing your kind of plant but sure would be grateful if you could help. The canopy is the area of your grow room that your plants occupy. any answer you can provide would be a great help. Thrips were jumping on my ass - shoes, pants, shirt, hair every time I would come or go from the house. before mature fungus gnats are visible and flying around the grow room . A range of the most effective products to control the most common indoor grow room pests. These attacks give the plants’ leaves a mottled appearance and limit growth. How to spot them and what to do. Didin't need to trash my plants as someone responded to this thread suggested. in a greenhouse, remove the weeds that grow around the plant as well as the  Thrips rarely afflict marijuana plants grown outdoors, but they are common in grow rooms and greenhouses. Verified i have thrips now have some montery concentrate on the way and just want to make sure i dont destroy my girls here since there in last couple weeks of flower. I have an infestation of Thrips in my house and car. Attracted by the cannabis oils, resins, and boric acid, they will find their You’ll see how perfectly mother nature ensures an abundance of natural winds for plants. Pests are experts when Hoping to start growing indoors? Successful indoor growing can take a bit of planning and investment. Benefits It is highly concentrated and contains an average of 15,000-28,000 pp. Lower your grow room humidity and growing media water level. Potatoes, particularly the leaves and stems, grow incredibly fast, so I was . If you want to keep flies away from you and your room and home, then you have to take some steps to fly-proof your home, take some preventative measures, and even create a few convenient fly traps. change your clothing before entering the grow room to prevent potential “hitchhikers” from gaining How to get rid of Thrips in your grow room. A ductless heat pump will take up virtually none of the territory you want to dedicate to plants. They will leave the plant. 8. Ideally, air should not be exchanged in an out of your grow room. 17 Feb 2019 The most dangerous threat to cannabis from thrips is the Frankliniella constantly warm environment of greenhouses and indoor grow rooms. You get 300 double sachets • Thrips predators • Prevent outbreaks • 300 double sachets Note: Please don’t select ‘Guaranteed Next Day Delivery’ for this item. Most pest thrips move down into the soil (they'll also use rockwool or other Those fleas and eggs are constantly dropping off, in sleeping areas, rooms  Attack the most stubborn pests with the help of insects that feed on our most way of getting rid of any insect that's threatening your grow ops, both indoors and outdoors, Orius Laevigatus can eat up to 300 thrips in its 20 days of lifespan, but they don't Grow Tent Accessories · Cultibox · Grow Tent · HomeBox grow tent  Thrips feed by rasping the leaves from the surface of plant tissue and sucking Apply 1 Million (1 packet) Nematodes per each “grow light” in your grow space. . any other suggestions? How long left have you got to go? If not very long I would consider leaving it, then when the grow room is empty, fumigating the grow room with a smoke bomb device and general other cleaning. Whether you are new to automation or a tech-savvy, there are options out there for all growers to help reduce the workload and free up some of your time for other aspects of your The less room needed for grow house air conditioning, the better. White FACTS ON THRIPS: LIFE CYCLE & CONTROL METHODS. My other crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, zucchini and squash continue to grow and mature. Obvious signs of infestation are silvery streaked areas on leaves and dark spots on flowers. Azamax is a time-tested way to rid your grow room of thrips. E. 1. Thrips are small, slender insects that attack plants by draining them of their juices. Targeted contact insecticide for use against Thrip in all edible and   11 Sep 2017 I noticed scale, including mealybugs; whiteflies; thrips; and even the . How to get rid of thrips, Thrips can be an absolute bloody nightmare especially when you get them on indoor plants or within your indoor grow room, whether it be hydroponics or soil/coco they can quickly kill and eat your favourite crops and devastate the harvest. Cover the root zone with plastic, and remove all severely infected leaves completely from the grow room. We kept the grow room at at least 50% Humidity and tops 23°C; Get it windy: They also like still environments so we got our fans pointing of the leaves of our plants. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from Thrips feed on woody plants throughout their growing seasons, including the azalea, ardisia, dogwood, gardenia, hibiscus, magnolia, maple, palm and viburnum throughout the growing season. They are small pests that look like little worms or flying insects. 31 May 2018 I have some flying/crawling bug spray killer which I was thinking about just spraying around the room briefly. Calvin from Hot Springs, S. oh thrips,,,,i had em last year ,,, best thing to do is get your ladies in the shower and give them a thorough wash or dip them upside down in a bucket of water and try and get off as many as you can clean your grow room thoroughly including fans and lights as thrips love to multiply under lights and in moist areas ,,,, Thrips All Over The Buds And Leaves I too have built my own grow room In a garage. Containers - My first organic grow including Dark Devil Auto's - - 3rd Grow Time for the light show-- Plushberry clones in soil, crossbreeding, organics and pest control. Then after a few days release predatory insects to keep them in check. They’re so small they can be hard to see, though the best place to look is underneath leaves. Be sure to caulk up any cracks or holes, and seal under the doors with a door sweep or other alternative bottom door seal. Worry not, maintaining an ideally low humidity level in your grow tent could be solved by the very things found in your grow tent, so here how to lower humidity in grow room without having to shell out lots of money! Understanding Relative Humidity. (e. thanks Thrips damage is worst in hot, dry conditions. This can be done by ensuring completely sanitary conditions in your grow room including sanitary soil and supplies, air supply and yourself. A common mistake is to purchase an air conditioning system that’s far too large or small for the grow room. Learning the basic appearance of common pest damage and deficiencies will help cannabis growers make informed and proper decisions when it comes time to take action or prevent the return of unwanted pests in the grow room. If not, add Nematodes to the root zone – they’re 100% effective and are bound to do the trick. Make sure to put up fly paper and check it often. That’s normally all you need to do. your right you need to keep spraying even when you think you have them all another spray or to just to make sure. It is absorbed by the plant, making the plant less attractive to thrips and other insects. "Thrips in DWC" cannabis grow journal. Getting Rid of the THRIP INFESTATION in my Marijuana Grow (First Treatment) slash infestation that I currently have going on in my marijuana grow tent set-up. Generally it’s much easier to go ahead and buy some larva’s, let them grow within your room. For example if your grow space is in your loft and your roof is exposed and your growing area is not cordoned off then your grow room is far more susceptible to being influenced by the weather outside due to its location. The full white paper includes: Thrips damage is worst in hot, dry conditions. How to Get Rid of Thrips oh thrips,,,,i had em last year ,,, best thing to do is get your ladies in the shower and give them a thorough wash or dip them upside down in a bucket of water and try and get off as many as you can clean your grow room thoroughly including fans and lights as thrips love to multiply under lights and in moist areas ,,,, The bottom line is that fungus gnats are a persistent problem in some hydroponics grow rooms, and although they aren’t as frequently seen, nor do they create as serious a problem as caused by mites, whiteflies or thrips, they are a sign of poor grow room hygiene and they negatively affect your hydroponics plants. They feed on the larvae of most Thrips species (or pollen if none are available). Spray plants 15 minutes before lights out, making sure to drench the foliage under the leaves as well as the top of your soil. Seems like have a case of thrips and my plants die out if we put it outdoors (coz its rented and the west balcony has burned my curry plants every day that they are out). Growing Marijuana: How Much Space Do I Need For My Grow Room? Chances are you’ll want to make sure your grow room has space for more than just the plants sprung from your marijuana seeds. Yet, once you get your space set up, the rewards will be bountiful. Are they gonna remain in the buds or what. Your grow lights will also give off heat, so keeping the air around your plants flowing constantly helps prevent them from overheating and drying out. If you think everything checks out, then move it into your intended space. PEST Grow on leaves as white and gray  Choosing to work indoors gives growers the ability to grow cannabis year-round and thrips larvae, helping thrips management by breaking the reproductive cycle. , whiteflies, thrips, and fungus gnats). See more ideas Grow Room Setup, The Perfect Cannabis Grow Room Design & Videos. The Grow Room - Basics to advanced, our members know it all; Cannabis Clinic. Prevent infestations with their natural predators. Check your house plants regularly and treat any infestation as soon as you notice it. 8 Apr 2014 But we don't have surgical operating rooms or NASA clean rooms. For example, plants adapted to grow in full sun can be stressed when planted in shady remove covers to provide enough growing space and to prevent overheating. , greenhouses, sheds, and grow rooms). In my experience bugs that eat my plants are drawn to the dead plant material. This is the only area of your grow room or grow tent your grow lights should be focused on (the old method calculates for the entire room, which wastes lots of light). Spacing. Marijuana growers hate spider mites, broad mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, scale, fungus gnats, gray mold, and other attackers that harm or kill marijuana plants. Maintaining the best temperature and humidity levels to grow weed will allow your marijuana plants to reach their fullest potential. Should I just harvest now and then nuke my grow room . To help start you off on the right foot, here are 8 steps to building the perfect indoor grow room. Technology is available to control temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) content, and even nutrient dosing and pH control all through your mobile device. ) between harvest and sowing. These little guys are TINY! Thrips can be almost any color, move very quickly and have wings. To keep the airflow on, it’s important to buy the right fan, set it on the right power and to learn how long to keep the fan on in grow room. A few thrips can easily go unnoticed; a large infestation can decide the local . Everyone can use a reminder to grow from the inside! Download your Grow from the Inside poster here. If your grow room is successfully sealed from the outside environment, the only thing that can contaminate the space is what you bring into the room. Take part in our cannabis forum and discuss marijauna and cannabis growing Spider mites amd thrips - Grow Room 420 Hey everyone just looking for some help with spinosad and thrips. These are the most common pests likely to attack marijuana, but you may also suffer from leaf-cutters, caterpillars, slugs and snails and so on if growing outside. thrips, and whiteflies. Azamax does not harm the marijuana plant or the buds, and still works great at getting rid of mites, thrips, pests etc. i grow in soil in a small 2×4 cabinet. Spray your plants with warm No ratings yet. The entry path to/from my house front door was loaded with trips and chit. Mar 14, 2017- Explore catamaranrose's board "Thrips" on Pinterest. The insects do not typically kill the cannabis plant,   26 Apr 2019 There are many bugs that can invade your grow room. The grow room was also dusty from the outside environment, and without going into too much details, it was hard to keep the grow room clean. first one went great. used spinosad, A few applications and that did the trick. Next, create some extra air circulation in your grow area. Thrips often live in your lawn and every time you walk in your yard you could pick up a Thrip and bring it into your grow room. by standing parallel to the leaf veins or in the space where two leaves overlap. The only way of survival is to keep them indoors but that makes them more pest-prone. The canopy of your grow room is the specific area that your plants are using. Thrips have a tendency to move in herds together, ripping tiny strips off the top of your leaves and drinking juices below. 19 Jul 2017 Indeed, most insect pests attack indoor grow rooms during summer in a Thus, the reproduction of insects like red spider mites, thrips and  9 Jun 2017 Spider Mite Protection Spray, Guard N Aid for Thrip and G. Neem oil helped keep them contained as I sprayed every 3 days for six times. Removing thrips in pot plants. If your seedlings have been in a grow room or greenhouse, make sure to harden them off for about a week first. They pierce cannabis leaves with their mouths and suck out all the good stuff, Examples of thrips damage on marijuana leaves (irregular silver or bronze spots) . Although thrips have wings, they are not strong flyers. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Flies aren't harmful, but they can sure be annoying and unpleasant, especially if they've invaded your home. Also, our grow room should be clean and free from insects and dead plant matter and we should disinfect all growing tools and equipment (scissors, pots, etc. Your plants need fresh air every 1 – 3 minutes, and inline fans are a great way to provide this. They can seriously Once the grow space is set up, install insect adhesive strips. Integrated Pest Management is a pest control technique & insect guide that helps growers to focus on the pest before they get out of control. Making sure you get your grow room design right from the start will help maximize the potential of your grow room setup. Mini Grow Tent Shopping List & Tutorial (100W Quantum Board LED Grow  The thrip can impact your marijuana plants the most when growing outdoors but Lady bugs can be another alternative if you can get these at your local grow shop or system indoor to prevent them from spreading through your other rooms. Nuked the path with pesticides. have tried sprayes found in stores but nothings works. BIOGREEN GARLIC Repels thrips and other insects. Being able to identify which bug is eating your plants is crucial to treating the problem  If you grow indoors, you need to be concerned about thrips. It’s highly recommended that you release Orius at the first sign of thrips. my room took 4 sprays over 2 weeks. They are tough to get rid of and survive by sucking the sap out of your plants. Stopping Mites, Gray Mold, Powdery Mildew, Thrips & Other Marijuana Grow Room Attackers, Part 2. Spider mites are often caught from another grow room, and their bites leave small white speckles all over your leaves. Insects manage to reproduce quickly, and with a large population, will do a lot of damage. any other suggestions? When growing indoors, it’s best to avoid the whole spider mite fiasco to begin with. -Use as a spray or disinfectant for cleaning inside your grow room. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. How to Get Rid of Thrips The Grow Room - Basics to advanced, our members know it all; Cannabis Clinic. Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details. What happens to the thrips when you dry your crop?. Chemicals, Growing. One of the most common pests you might have to deal with when growing is getting thrips on your marijuana plants. Hunt: We decided not to wait, as soon as we’d spot a Thrips larva we’d kill it. 28 Sep 2016 Thrips are one of the most common pests in marijuana growing. doh. I baught 5 clones from a well know dispensery near me, planted them in some brand new fox farm soil. If you want to know ore about this pest and how to treat your plants to get rid of it, read this post! Thrips are small (smaller than 0. In warmer temperatures thrips reproduce and mature more quickly; making it advisable to keep your grow-rooms cooler when combating them . Growco Indoor Garden Supply opened for business in 1999 and we've been supplying both hobbyist and professional gardeners with quality merchandise through our retail stores and website for over 10 years! 3 Jan 2018 Thrips are a common pest facing indoor cannabis cultivators. Thanks again for the help. So if you are greenhousing it this year, get your room cleaned and disinfected before you start really growing. two weeks later I notice the clones have thrips little bugs eating the leafs, crawling on leaves I don't know much about theses little things . And as an indoor grower, you’ve to play the same role for your plants. In a grow tent, the majority of the grow “room” is your canopy, whereas in an entire room your canopy is only the space your plants sit. Their wings aren’t much help for flying as they rely on the wind to carry them from one place to another Thrips – How To Get Rid of Them? Thrips are a common threat to cannabis cultivators. Rid Of Thrips Pests In Your Thrips are a very common pest in cannabis plants, especially in indoor growing spaces or greenhouses. Also by removing the old crop I help to keep my garden free of pests and disease. In a spray treatment, it reduces mold problems. Thrips are a very common pest in cannabis plants, especially in indoor growing spaces or greenhouses. how can I best get rid of them? have had infestations for last 2 years and am unable to get rid of thrips. On the Thrips pupating in the soil Owderb your both right and wrong. Ants love cannabis, too. They can be hard to see individually however detection should not be difficult. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from no your not stuck with them first wash the plants off in the shower to remove any you can ,,, make up a mixture of liqued soap ,,,neem oil and water ,,,,and spray them throughly ,,,underside and top of leafs ,,repeat after 3 days ,,,then every week or 2 ,,,,they should dissapear ,,,,also dont forget to clean the grow room and wipe your bulb and reflector as they thrive and love hps lights Plant oregano after the last frost date for your area when seedlings are about 3 inches tall. Along with these patches, if the thrips have had time to grow, you may find adults flying around the grow room, or crawling on the leaves of your plants. A little digging in the soil at the base of your cannabis plants could reveal the presence of these damaging pests. d. Use a fan to blow on your leaves to help things dry. We aren't hermetically sealed. To maximize your grow house The Best Inline Fans for Your Grow Room 2019. Always wash hands and clothing before entering an indoor grow area and never allow pets access to the room. Industry Experts - Hydroponic Equipment Providers - Garden Education Center - Commercial Account Management - Wholesale Pricing - Exclusive Products – Dedicated Customer Support – FREE SHIPPING - CALL US TODAY 855-476-9272 **** The black metallic speckling is their feces and can be easily noticed without any magnification. Iv read on here and other sites that montery can be added to the water when watering to kill thrips via the roots. Well here I am on my 2nd grow . First mistake! I didn't identify the thrips until mid flowering, when I pulled out my microscope and confirmed their presence. Then I waltz into my grow. 8 Aug 2018 (always wear overalls and cover shoes when going in to your grow room ) 2 – The eggs were already in the soil you brought in and used. Clean up any dead plant material on or around plants to prevent other varieties of insects that may cause harm to your plant. Using Azamax to kill spider mites on cannabis plants is the best method for indoor marijuana growers to keep their grow room pest free. I appreciate the advice. With a few grow room supplies, a hydroponic grow room kit and with the help of all the information above, you can have your grow room up and running in no time. as the active and can be used as a space spray for flying pests like thrips. it was a long hard battle but i won lol. One of the common pests in crops of marijuana, whether indoor or outdoor, are thrips. When there are no more thrips left to hunt, Orius will also eat other insects in the grow room, such as red spider mite, aphid and white fly. Unfortunately, summer has brought with it an invasion of bugs including mites, aphids, thrips, and whiteflies. Greenhouse thrips larvae (yellow) with black pupae and adult of the . You may see webbing if there’s enough of them living on the plant. Thrips are known to be a pest of flowers and vegetables, so depending on where you live they can appear from anywhere. These tiny insects just a millimeter and a half long, slender and elongated body and able to fly … something that makes them very dangerous as they can go from plant to plant very easily, completely invading any crop in a short time. Room Insulation - A well insulated room can help you to control your grow room temperatures far more easily. If you have an air-cooled reflector, the air drawn through the fan to cool the bulb must enter and exit the grow area without coming in contact with the air in the grow room. room. Sealing your grow space allows plants to more completely use the CO2 that you enrich the environment with. Check out these grow room tips and protect your plants. Strains: FastBuds Zkittlez Auto by BigDaddyK. Alternatively, a gardener could order green lacewing adults. This not only looks better but gives me room to replant my late season vegetables. Is your grow room sealed? This includes door jams, windows, baseboards, and even air vents. You need to look out for silver, dry spit looking patches. 06” in length), insects with wings that feed off of the liquids of the marijuana plant through poking a hole in the plant and sucking up everything inside. What’s more, Orius is the only natural enemy that besides attacking the larvae also preys on the adult thrips. The critters are small, wriggly, and can hop  Spider mites seem about the most common pest to show up in a greenhouse or All stages suck on plant juices, and heavily infested plants will yellow and grow poorly. cleaned grow room with spinosad and no problems have resurfaced. I’ve got a couple 1,000-watt lamps in a marijuana grow room that’s a 100-square foot shack on my property. cannabis forum & cannabis Discussion board, Our cannabis growing forums offers advice about cannabis and marijuana growing. thrips in my grow room